Pregnancy Gift: Titanium laser engraved ultrasound dog tag

Anxiously waiting in the doctor’s office reception area with his pregnant wife for their 20-week ultrasound, our marketing specialist’s head was spinning with all of the impending responsibilities of fatherhood.

So we have to go to how many classes? What’s the name of the book that I was supposed to read? One crib mattress can be MORE organic than another?

And so on…

Then, another question hit him. A question that is likely on the mind of many expectant fathers this time of year.

Am I supposed to acknowledge Mother’s Day for my pregnant wife?

His wife had reached the point in her pregnancy where there was no question that she was “with child”, but at the same time their baby was far from fully cooked.

They were called into the office and the technician began the ultrasound. After about an hour filed with questions and ultrasonic images of their baby, the tech printed out 6 pictures of their future child on a roll of thin, non-archival, photo paper.

It was an exciting souvenir…
but what were they supposed to do with these ultrasound pictures?

The future grandparents, family, and friends all would want to see, if not keep, these one-off photos. There were no options to order duplicates, 4x6s, 5x7s, or wallet sizes. It seemed like the options were few:

  1. Create a baby book before the kid has even hatched and drag it from family brunch to dinner
  2. Take a photo of a photo and post it on Facebook.


So walking out of the doctors office, our marketing specialist got to marketing…

Working with our graphic designer and laser engineer, the trio took the high-contrast ultrasound photos and broke them down to vector based files. From there, they laser printed an ultrasound image on a dark gray anodized titanium dog tag in colors of brilliant white and sparkling gold. On the reverse side of the dog tag they engraved the due date and and placeholder name of Baby + Last Name.

Adding a chain to the dog tag, they created a memorable and long lasting keepsake for the mom-to-be that could be passed down from mother to child and for generations to follow.

Needless to say, the expectant mother was more than excited to wear and, more importantly, easily share the ultrasound photo of her baby to family and friends from around her neck.


But what about about the future grandparents?
As soon as the grandmas and grandpas-to-be saw their future grandchild’s image laser engraved on a titanium dog tag, they wanted one too. With the addition of a key ring, the future grandparents now carry the image of their future grandchild on their keys, proudly showing them off everywhere they go.





Would you like to have us create the most unique, memorable, long lasting, and share worthy baby ultrasound keepsake for you, your family, and friends?

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Due to the strength of titanium and the forever durability of Eddystone Designs color laser engraving process, an Eddystone Designs Baby Ultrasound Titanium Keepsake is designed to last for hundreds if not thousands of years.